A day with the twins

As a mum of twins who are very nearly a year old twins (how did that happen ?!?), I thought I would give an idea of how a day goes in our household. I get a lot of comments that having twins must be really hard work. It is but it is our normality and I’m lucky to have two babies who love sleep and food!


  • 6 am – our alarm goes off and we creep around getting ourselves ready for the day. We’re in a two bed room flat with an adjoining wall between the bedrooms so are conscious of not waking sleeping babies. Little man often wakes between 6-6.30 am and is happy to lie in the cot chatting for awhile to his teddy. Little miss enjoys her sleep so will normally be asleep until we go into the nursery.


  • 6.45-7am – the twins get up and have a play while we finish getting ready. At 7 am, they have their first bottle of the day and a nappy change.


  • 7.30-8 am – Playtime! (sometimes with the addition of Cbeebies or Peppa Pig who Little Miss adores!).  Having already done one round of nappy changes, I’ll often change both twins at least twice during this time as they are regular with their constitutionals.


  • 8 am – breakfast time. We have gone down the babyled weaning route so if it’s going to be messy food such as weetabix, I strip the twins down to their nappy (often leading to yet another nappy change – we should have shares in nappy companies!). They self feed either by using loaded spoons or having finger food. Both love their food and will sit happily for at least half an hour and eat. I will eat my breakfast with them and do some housework if they are having finger food. Once they are finished which they are very clear about telling me, I clean them up, change nappy if needed and get them dressed in a vest if we aren’t going out straight after playtime. They play while I tidy the bombsite from breakfast and wash up.


  • 8.30-9.30 – Playtime! Both are at the stage where they want to stand or walk with assistance. Little Man loves his babywalker so will tear around the flat while his sister does some standing or walking practice. We listen to music and sing which they love.


  • 9.30 – 10 – naptime. While they sleep, I swap the toys over, tidy up, do my make up and put a load of washing on. I’ve become very good at doing things quickly and efficiently 😉


  • 10 am – I go into the nursery and wake the twins from their nap. I get them dressed, leaving one in the cot while I dress the other. I then carry them both at the same time into the front room. They are getting a bit heavy for this so hopefully they will be walking soon!


  • 10.30 –  bottle time. This is only a small bottle and will be replaced by a snack in the near future. The fact that they now hold their own bottles makes life a lot easier and they drink much quicker than the early days when it could take up to an hour.


  • 10.45-11.30 – playtime or a quick trip out to the shops if we need anything for lunch.




  • 11.30 – lunchtime – more mess for me to clean up 😉


  • 12-12.30 – playtime and chill out time watching Cbeebies.


  • 12.30 – naptime. This nap can last from 1.5 – 2.5 hours and helps me stay sane. During the time they are asleep, I eat lunch, tidy up, change the toys over, put the washing up, make up the bottles for the next 24 hours and when all the jobs are done, sit down for five minutes or so......The twins have always gone down for their naps at the same time and this has meant that I know that I have periods during the day without both them which enables me to get jobs done so that they can have my full attention when they are awake.


  • 2 pm onwards – the twins wake from their nap, often at the same time or within minutes of each other. Sometimes, I will sit them both in the same cot for a play which they really enjoy. They shared a cot for the first eight months and missed each other when we had to move them to separate cots as they were too big and mobile to continue to share.


After their nap, they will have a snack and a drink of water. Little Miss prefers to have a snack while her brother likes to have a big drink.


Happy twins



  • 2.30 -4.30 pm – our afternoons normally consist of playing, a walk into town or to the park or a trip to the library.


  • 5 pm – teatime. If they have had a hot lunch, they will have a cold tea such as sandwiches. Having tea has helped with the 5-6 pm witching hour where they would both be fractious until Daddy walked through the door. I spent many days with them both sat on my lap, rocking and singing constantly – anything to keep them happy! Teatime can last up to 45 minutes which is when my husband comes over and takes over! He does bathtime while I clean up from tea and put the toys away.  The twins love their quality time with Daddy and I love having a few minutes to myself. After their bath, they have their bedtime bottle and Daddy takes them to the nursery where he reads them their bedtime story.


  • 7 pm – both babies are asleep and we can breathe!


They sleep through the night so we get some couple time and much needed sleep. Our routine is flexible depending on what plans we have or if we are going to a baby group but this is how our home days go. It’s busy but I wouldn't have it any other way!


Thanks to twins mummy @Rh1annonB for this post, take a look at her blog too at https://twoplusquestiomark.wordpress.com/


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