Below are just a small percentage of the  feedback comments and testimonials that parents have written about me after I have finished working with them and their baby:


Lisa worked for us as a night maternity nurse for my daughter Tabitha. Based on my experience I cannot recommend her highly enough. Endlessly patient and wonderfully practical, Lisa has a genuine love of small babies. However, while affectionate and loving with our daughter, she is sympathetic to the role of mum, and never made me feel anything other  than the most important person in Tabithas life. Lisa is there to support and help not take over (unless you want or need her to). I have heard it said by so many new parents, ‘Where is the instruction manual?’ Well, here it is: Lisa. She has an amazing understanding of the way small babies work, while remaining ever attentive and alive to the needs of each individual baby. At 10 weeks Tabitha is a happy, smiling and content little baby-and that is all thanks to Lisa.. Lisa is so much more than just a maternity nurse, and she does so much more than just work nights. Not only does Lisa teach you how to care for your child, she is also a fantastic support for the parents, in particular for Mum. Regularly responding to panic-stricken text messages in the middle of the night, Lisa has always been there on the end of the phone to help get us through, particularly in those first few weeks when it is all so new. She has been a lifeline and a true friend and I am confident that she will be a welcome and valued addition to any family. We will miss her. Kate, mother to Tabitha


In all honesty, I do not think that we could have survived the first 3 months without Lisa. Not only was she fantastic with our daughter Orla, she was fantastic with both me and my husband. As a first time Mum, handling a newborn was extremely daunting and quite overwhelming. Lisa was there 24 hours a day if we needed her and was always ready to offer guidance and support. As well as giving us some much needed sleep! Lisa was confident in her approach and set clear guidelines for establishing a routine early on. If things went wrong-as they often did-she was flexible and calm and soon got us back on track again. Lisa combined her training and experience as a nanny with a real empathy gained from having young children of her own. She understood the dilemmas a new Mum feels and was sympathetic to the changing patterns of young babies (they don’t often do what the books say!). She was also confident with Orla: they had a great relationship: which gave me confidence too. I learnt a lot from her. Jane, Mother to Orla


As a completely novice mum, who had never been around babies, Lisas’ help and advise was absolutely invaluable. She taught me how to care for Hannah from scratch without ever being patronising and gave me real confidence in my own abilities. By the end of her time with us, Hannah was into a feeding and sleeping routine. More than anything Lisa really helped me enjoy my baby. Her sound, sensible advice meant that I didn’t worry myself silly about every little sneeze. And her softly softly approach to introducing a routine meant that I never felt that I was forcing Hannah into something she didn’t want to do naturally. I would not hesitate to recommend Lisa to others. She is calm, practical and the fact that she has been through it with her own children gives added credence to everything she says. She clearly loves little babies and that came through in the way that she cared for Hannah and gave advice to me. Cherry, mother to Hannah


Lisa is a gentle and caring person and our boys seemed very happy with Lisa and settled down fairly quickly when she was around.  Lisa introduced a feeding and sleeping routine to the boys which encouraged them to sleep better at night. Both parents were able to sleep through the night knowing that their children were in safe, capable hands. She was also very adept at feeding and managing both boys simultaneously! Tina, mother to twin boys Daniel and Michael


Lisa’s knowledge and experience has been invaluable in getting the girls to sleep for longer at night and developing our routines as they grow.  She is on the end of the phone with advice even when she is not working for us.  The girls respond very well to her firm but hugely caring manner. Debra, mother to twin girls Charlotte and Anya


As a first time mum I found Lisa’s support and advice invaluable in order to adjust to motherhood. Lisa started working with us when Jacob was two weeks old and immediately we became more settled as a family and not just because we got a decent nights sleep. She was very professional and reliable in her duties. And helped establish a routine that made coping with those early weeks so much easier for us all, particularly when it came to breastfeeding a very hungry boy who liked to snack and doze! Emma, mother to Jacob


Lisa has been a wonderful support to us since the arrival of our son Harry.  She has offered sound advice and made the early months of having a newborn baby a lot less stressful as a result.   In particular, having Lisa a couple of nights a week has enabled me to maintain my energy levels for our two older children.  Most importantly for me, with her help and advice I have successfully breastfed Harry, which is something I struggled with, with our other two children. Claire, mother to Harry


Lisa started when Max was about five weeks old and was waking up two, maybe more, times at night. I was very keen to establish Max on a good sleeping and eating routine and get him to sleep through the night as early as possible. Lisa immediately made me feel like I was in the hands of an expert. She was able to settle Max quickly and quietly and gave me very helpful suggestions concerning all aspects of Max’s development. I was very impressed by the fact that I never heard Max cry, even when I slept in the room next door, so I was able to get some much-needed sleep. Having two nights of unbroken sleep totally transformed my days with Max as my life returned to normal. Lisa would always get in touch the day after she stayed with us to explain how she looked after him and to give useful tips, eg, put Max to sleep on his side or keep him awake properly at the 10.30pm feed. Vicky, mother to Max



Lisa came to work for us as a maternity nurse 6 weeks after our son, Joseph, was born. At the time we employed Lisa, we thought she would simply provide night nurse cover and allow us to get some sleep.  However, not only did Lisa do this, but she also provided a great deal more - she devised a fantastic and practical routine for us to follow covering feeding, sleeping and playing which Joseph took to so well that within 8 weeks we had our evenings back and by 10 weeks he was sleeping through. Lisa also provided us with advice by email, text and phone whenever we needed it which, as first time parents, has been invaluable.  Lisa's wealth of experience with babies means that she can deal with any issue which comes up and provide a practical solution. Lisa is punctual, totally trustworthy and fun to have around.

I suffered from post natal depression and Lisa helped me to overcome it by offering advice, support and kindness and always making herself available to discuss problems. She went above and beyond to help me and put me in touch with people who had experienced PND themselves. We cannot recommend her highly enough. Antonia, mother to Joe



Lisa was of enormous help from the start. Before Hugo was born, she had already sent a feeding schedule to help out.

The first night Lisa came, she helped me re-arrange his Moses basket and helped with his feeding schedule and taught me how to swaddle him properly, which improved his sleeping a lot.

I got help on how to get him to sleep through the night as well as helping me with his daytime naps. Lisa also advised on his feeding and when to start weaning him.

Whenever I had a question or problem I could e-mail her and I always got a prompt and reassuring response to any of my queries. Lisa also always informed after Hugo to see how he was doing whenever we had made a change to his sleeping or feeding schedule or when he had not been himself.

She has taught me how to deal with Hugo in every aspect.

Due to her Hugo has become a contented boy, who sleeps and eats well and is very happy and sociable.

Lisa also took care of him for 4 nights, so my husband and I could spend some time together. She always updated me on his progress and Hugo seemed very happy to be there with her and her family.

Celine, mother to Hugo


Lisa was a joy and her calm and competent nature has made our first months such a happy and special time.  She has helped and guided us with all aspects of baby care from feeding and sleep routines for day and night, sterilising, bottle feeding, expressing, settling baby etc.  She basically looked after Imogen during the nights getting her into a routine and giving me a wonderful nights sleep.  During the day she acted as a sort of baby consultant guiding us and resolving any problems that arose in her absence.  Lisa has a natural gift with babies and was invaluable.  She was highly reliable, prompt and fun to have around. I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough and would be delighted to answer any further questions you may have. Rebecca, mother to Imogen