FINALLY my publication day has arrived!


The blissful baby expert book is available to buy online and in shops!

My editor emailed me this morning congratulating me and it all got a bit much and I burst into tears!!
It's just all so amazing! A complete dream-is it real? I just can't believe it and the implications it potentially has!
I'm excited and terrified all at the same time-a million different feelings all going through my head at the moment.
EXCITED that its 'publication day' when I've waited so long for this
AWESTRUCK that people love my book and keep giving me great feedback on it
AMAZED that I wrote something that I believe myself will be a fantastic help to so many parents around the world
PROUD that one of the biggest publishing houses in the world contacted me directly, asked for a copy of my manuscript and actually LOVED IT!
OVERWHELMED by all of the support from my friends, family and people I've never even met wishing me well!
TERRIFIED that in the next six months to a year my life is going to change and thousands of people worldwide will know my name-but also a little bit THRILLED by that too!
NERVOUS about the reviews currently being done by celebrities, baby magazines and important people in my profession whose opinion of my book can mean the difference between it taking off or flopping!
So many thoughts, so many feelings.
I hope the book doesn't let anyone down and lives up to everyone's high expectations of it.
Time will tell....