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Mummy meet up and sleep event

Due to high demand I have started to organise some meet ups in various locations where mums or dads can come along with their baby or toddler, to mix with other parents and get some sleep tips from me The events are generally on a week day between 9-11am and include tea/coffee as a standard priced ticket, or a signed copy of one or both of my books, with a higher priced ticket. At around 10am I gather everyone together and talk about sleep and how to encourage positive sleep associations to help your baby/toddler sleep well consistently. The...

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Clock change-start of British Summer time.

  Very soon the clocks will be moving forward by an hour to mark the start of British Summer time So many people keep asking me how that will affect their little ones and what they should be doing to help them adjust, so I thought I would just write a quick blog post to reiterate what I have been telling them.   To be perfectly honest, I don't tend to worry about this clock change as the clocks are actually going forward by an hour and for parents of early risers, it will make them feel like they...

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Parenting with Disabilty

Guest post by Ashley Taylor from   How to prepare for parenting with disability Parenting has its ups and downs. However, parenting with disability presents greater challenges. This is not to mean that you are not capable of being a loving parent. It only means that you have to be more deliberate about planning and preparing for your parenting journey. Depending on the nature of your disability, everyday baby care duties may be more tasking. Below are three key aspects to take into consideration when preparing for parenting with disability. Pregnancy Pregnancy care for women with disabilities presents...

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4 years old today!!

Today, 6th February 2018 it is 4 years since The Blissful Baby Expert was officially published! Happy birthday to me 🎉🎉   What a journey it has been and how much has happened since then....   It is currently completely sold out everywhere, with a reprint having been ordered on 9th February, so although that has been frustrating for anyone wanting to buy a copy, it is obviously a good sign that it is in high demand, so I can't complain! The 5* reviews continue to be left On Amazons website Currently over 330 so far and I'm actually very proud of the fact that my book has the highest ratio of 5* reviews up against any of the other popular parenting and baby advice books, that have been out for years! We also have a free forum that parents can register to use for advice, or there are membership options if a little more detailed and personalised support is needed. (Click on the advice tab at the top of the page) I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who have and continue to recommend me and my book to friends, family and random people you meet on the street, in parks and on holiday. (I've heard some right stories about how my name and book ended up being discussed ha ha)...

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SIDS-A very important cause.

How do I start a post like this and do it justice? How do I find the right words to help you all understand how essential it is to support such an important cause? If you are a mother already then I hope that reading just one story of another mother and family affected ┬áby SIDS will be enough to make you want to help... I began following Jennie ( @edspire) a few days after the tragic death of her beautiful baby Matilda Mae aged 9 months. Tilda was a true 'blog baby' Jennie began blogging after the birth of her twins Esther and William 3 years ago who were IVF babies born 13 weeks prematurely and spent a long time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU). She wanted to document and have a written reminder of their journey and anyone who has ever read just one of her posts wants to carry on and read more. She writes in such an honest, raw, engaging way that you feel like you are on her journey with her.   Matilda Mae was a surprise baby for Jennie and her husband David-conceived naturally despite doctors telling them that would never happen. Jennie blogged about her pregnancy and the birth of Matilda Mae and family life juggling 3 children under 2 years old. 5 years...

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