Whats happened in the last two weeks

Hi there, I'm Coco and a few weeks back (just before my second little girl was born) I wrote about how I felt going from having one child to two. My baby is now 2 weeks old and her eldest sister is 2 and a half, so I thought I'd update you on the reality of the last 2 weeks!

Peaches Lula was born on 10 Feb, a week after her due date and in just 2 hours she'd made her grand entrance. Everything went well but as she was born in the early hours, rather than come straight home we decided I'd stay on the post natal ward until the morning with Peaches and then be discharged ASAP while my husband, Dan (nickname Buzz) came home and saw Posey, our elder daughter in the morning before preschool. Her grandma had been looking after her for us.

By 11.30am Peaches and I had been discharged and once we'd got ourselves ready & in the car on the way home the reality hit.....I HAD A BABY AND A 2 YEAR OLD. Having been through 2 IVF / ICSI cycles this was a dream come true, but boy did I have my work cut out. All the way home I was thinking about 3 things:

1. Was Peaches ok in her car seat? Was she cold? Was she hot?
2. How would Posey react when we got home? We'd had a FaceTime call that morning and she'd said "Hello baby Peaches, I'm your sister" but meeting her in the flesh may be different.
3. I felt normal, not like I'd just given birth at all but what if something terrible suddenly happened to me (random I know...)

Anyway, we got home and Posey and her grandma welcomed us in with Posey straight away asking to cuddle Peaches. I told her that Peaches had bought her some presents and that I'd go and get them. With Posey being the biggest Peppa Pig fan alive I'd bought her lots of new Peppa Fairground toys from Peaches. She was over the moon and spent the rest of the afternoon kissing Peaches on the head and saying "Fank yoo baby Peaches for my Peppa Piggy toys, I luff yoo." Phew!

I have to say that 2 weeks in things are still going pretty well. Posey had shown no jealousy towards Peaches and because Peaches is bottled fed, Buzz and I have shared all of her feeds. That has meant I've still been able to do all of Posey's regular activities, clubs and preschool runs with her.

The one thing that Posey does struggle with a little is Peaches crying. Peaches is quite a windy baby and she has a witching hour around 10pm. Unfortunately she's woken Posey twice and Posey has been quite upset thinking Peaches is poorly so we've had to explain she's just "full of burps and tired." At times during the say if Peaches cries Posey gets very concerned and wants to join the cuddle, which is lovely.

One of the proudest moments for me so far has to be when my best friend and her mum came over to see us and Posey kept talking about "My lovely baby Peaches. She's my sister." True sibling love!!

So how am I coping? Really well actually, I had a few bumpy days when my milk came in and the baby blues hit but I got through it like a true trooper and I am now the master of multitasking! I love having my 2 girls and just pushing Peaches' pram with Posey on the buggy board felt amazing! Seeing them in the bath together with Posey passing me cotton wool for Peaches was lovely. Posey mopping up Peaches' milky dribbles with muslins is so sweet!

This week will be the true test as Buzz is back at work....so perhaps I'll update you again soon.

Thanks for reading, Coco x