First bath

Most babies cry the first few times they have a bath. Being lowered naked into water without any warning is a real shock to them and the majority will scream the entire time they are in the water. It is amazing how quickly they forget that they have just been floating around in water for the last nine months.

Bathing baby

The more you bathe them though, the more they will get used to it, and after a few weeks it begins to become a very enjoyable experience for both of you.



There are things that you can do to help your baby begin enjoying bath time as quickly as possible:

Use a bath aid. Babies are like slippery little eels in the bath and are more likely to cry if they don’t feel supported and safe. A bath aid will help with this and give you more confidence as you won’t be worrying about her slipping out of your hands and going under the water. It also gives you your hands free to splash water over her gently and wash her.

Have everything ready before you start. Nappies, clothes and a nice warm towel to wrap her in once you are ready to get her out.

Talk to her and reassure her the whole time she is in the bath with a calm voice and a smile on your face as you splash little bits of water over her body. If she senses that you are anxious then she will be too. The sound of your calm voice will help her learn that bath time is a nice experience and not something to be scared of!