Bepanthen Tips Twitter chat

On Tuesday 6th September Britmums will be hosting a very special #BepanthenTips Twitter chat between 1-2pm

They need as many parents to join as possible and using the hashtag #BepanthenTips would like you to share all of your best and ingenious tips that make the wonderful (and sometimes tough) world of parenting, a whole lot easier.


With these parenting hacks, Bepanthen are going to create a new ebook with all the top tips for new parents to help you create and achieve a calm and happy bedtime with your little ones.


This is a fantastic idea which I am proud to be a part of.

So many parents contact me through our forum and advice service, every week asking for tips and advice with feeding, routine and most of all, sleep, and this book of top tips from other mums and dads will be a massive help in guiding new parents to a happy and blissful baby.


Bepanthen is the only leading nappy care product that meets all the 9 Gold Standards of an ideal nappy care product


They want to help expectant and new parents by sharing knowledge in an easy-to-digest and entertaining ebook which is for parents, BY parents, who have already experienced parenting challenges and want to help make life easier for new mums and dads. The aim is to help parents navigate the bedtime routine through to the early morning rise – enabling parents and baby to have a more restful night


  • Bepanthen’s kind-to-bums formulation is free from fragrance, preservatives, colours and antiseptics and offers a protective layer to help stop nappy rash developing overnight, when your babies nappy is on for the longest period of time.



So don't forget TUESDAY 6TH SEPTEMBER on the @Britmums Twitter page, between 1-2pm post your top tips on anything related to babies-bedtime, feeding, sleep, care and development, using the hashtag  #BepanthenTips


See you there!