Very soon the clocks will be moving forward by an hour to mark the start of British Summer time

So many people keep asking me how that will affect their little ones and what they should be doing to help them adjust, so I thought I would just write a quick blog post to reiterate what I have been telling them.


To be perfectly honest, I don't tend to worry about this clock change as the clocks are actually going forward by an hour and for parents of early risers, it will make them feel like they have actually had a lie in-HOORAY!!

When the clocks go back in October each year, that's the one that causes panic among parents because babies and toddlers who usually wake early anyway, now are awake at an even earlier time according to the clock! 😳😫

Advice for that clock change is here

But coming back to the clocks changing very soon, I personally don't change anything with my children and just put them to bed at the same rough time anyway and within a couple of days, their body clock adjusts to the new timings

With babies and young toddlers though, an option to try is for you to start putting them to bed 10mins later every night, in the week leading up to the clock change, to allow their body clock to get used to the time change.

Once the clocks change you can re adjust the timings gradually as you feel necessary


The main thing you do need to be aware of though is lighter evenings and lighter mornings. If you haven't already got blackout blinds and curtains in your little ones room, then that's definitely something I would recommend you getting prepared, because if the light streams in and the birds start singing at 4-5am, your baby or toddler will start to stir and wake up at that time and be very difficult to convince to go back to sleep again!


A dark room is essential to stop the risk of that habit starting once the clocks spring forward



Good luck and try not to panic about this imminent clock change-save your main worry for when they go back at the end of the year!