We were recently lucky enough to be sent one of the new Cuddle mates to review.
They were designed by one mum out of love for her very restless son who didn't settle well to bed and kept waking up.
 The Cuddle Mates are being promoted as being perfect to be used for encouraging tummy time for babies by using the product as a wedge and prop.

Great for toddlers and babies

They also recommend cuddle mates for toddlers to encourage good sleep habit and say they are special because of their shape, encouraging children to sleep on their side, with both arms and legs wrapped around it for a better nights sleep.
While I'm out at work for a number of nights per week, my daughter has a sneaky habit of ending up in bed next to daddy, so we were very excited to try the cuddle mate and encourage her to stay in her own bed when she woke in the night. Her favourite excuse for wanting to sleep next to daddy is that her bed is too cold in the night and she wants to snuggle up next to daddy, to get warm.
We were hoping it would be the perfect little friend to snuggle up to and encourage her to stay in her own bed.....and it worked!
She was very excited to snuggle down next to Tilly the Tiger at bedtime and I reminded her that she would need to do this if she woke in the night.
With daddy on night duty while I was at work, she woke up for her usual toilet trip in the night and he was able to encourage her back to bed and sleep by cuddling up to Tilly.
A big thumbs up from daddy who had the bed to himself all night!
We also let baby Jack aged 5.5 months borrow Tilly in the day to test her out as a prop for tummy time.
He enjoyed being raised up and able to see more and also looking at the features on her face. His big sister Frankie also wanted to be part of the action and had a roll around with the it too!
Jacks mum commented that she thought it would be a good sleep aid to take with them if they were staying away from home for the night, for an unsettled toddler.

5 different Cuddlemates to choose from;

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