Hello to you all!

This post is to introduce my 10 new 'Blissful Baby Admin mummies' who will helping me answer questions on the new forum! We have a varied bunch of first time mums, twin mums and mums with 2 or more children and also a mum who is qualified with a Childcare qualification and works in a Childcare setting every day.


I have initially chosen 10 Mums who have volunteered to help me with the admin and forum questions on a daily basis-they all have various reasons for wanting to help and they and I, feel they have the knowledge to be able to give good advice when needed.


With the help of my amazing Blissful baby Admin mummies we want to arm you with information and tools to turn you all into experts in understanding your individual baby's needs and to learn to trust your instinct in how to respond and help you baby develop and thrive.


Our new forum will have a little community of parents to support you and give advice along the way when needed as we all work towards having Blissful Babies and Blissful Toddlers (most of the time)!


We hope you will all be happy with the changes and that it will be a positive way for us to continue to help as many parents as possible.


Thanks as always for your continued support and more details on the membership and forum changeover will follow in the next couple of days.


Iā€™m very grateful that these ladies have volunteered to help me and in turn you, as parents, to make the changes you need in order to achieve a happier household. We all look forward to helping you and your families with your little ones going forward.

Lisa xx



Hannah TBBEI'm Hannah I'm 29 and live in Burnham on sea in Somerset.

I have a little boy who's 12months old and expecting a little girl in July. I'm married to Dave who is in the royal navy, so away from home a lot.

I have been around children a lot growing up but no one truly understands what to expect when you first have a baby. The first 2 weeks with Toby was so easy but soon changed and he cried 24/7 up until he was 4 months old. After endless trips to the GP and with no outcome, we found out that Toby was a reflux sufferer and had an intolerance to milk.

Those 4 months were hell on earth and made me realise that there really isn't a lot of help out there for new mums (apart from the odd play/baby groups)

I have always been a very open person and talking to other mums and dads in my area, you realise that we all have issues with parenthood in areas and unsure of what to do.

I would be there with Toby and he would be screaming the whole time and the other babies would be playing nicely... you think the other mums and dads had a nice perfect set up, but when you talk to them they would have issues in other areas like sleeping/feeding.

Finding Lisa a couple of months ago was a breath of fresh air. She made me feel like I was a normal mum and Toby was a normal child-we just needed tools to work together!

I want to make other mums and dads feel like this!!

Being a parent is the hardest and most rewarding job so getting together and helping each other is the best feeling ever!

Look forward to working with you all

Hannah šŸ™‚



Kara TbbeMy name is Kara and I'm a 36 year old first time mum to Lucy, who is one year old at the end of March!

I'm married to Alex and we live in Cobh (pronounced Cove) in County Cork in the south west of Ireland. I'm a primary school teacher.

I want to help other mums as I would have been completely lost without Lisa. My husband is very supportive and completely hands on but I had no friends and family nearby to help or advise. I have since made friends locally with some other first time mums but Lisa's replies and support really really helped me and my family and I'd like to do the same for someone in some small way.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all and I'm very excited about our new venture!

xxxx Kara



Kelly TbbeHi my name is Kelly and I am from Leicestershire. I work full time in the corporate world. On 5th December 2013 my daughter Naya was born breech naturally and it totally changed my life. Amazing as she is, motherhood was a huge challenge especially with a baby who would not sleep. After searching for the answers I found Lisa The Blissful Baby Expert.

Her help and guidance changed our lives, literally overnight. I now have an extremely content, well rested and intelligent little girl. I understand what it is like to have sleep and feeding issues and would like to help others who are struggling. I am eternally grateful for the help and guidance Lisa gave to us and would like to give a little back.



Clare TbbeHi I'm Clare. I'm a stay at home mum to Dakota and Hendrix.

Dakota was born on July 30th 2012 and Hendrix was born on July 3rd 2014. We all live in Welshpool in Mid Wales with my fiance Mike. We have benefitted massively from Lisa's help over the last couple of years especialy with sleep! We still have issues with early morning waking but hey......It would be boring to be perfect and we are getting there.

I'm really looking forward to getting to know lots of new parents and helping where I can.



Becca TbbeHi! I'm Becca and I'm Mum to 2 year old Laila. Laila was not a good sleeper and by the age of 4 months she was sleeping 20 minutes at a time at night, no naps during the day and not settling without an hour of breastfeeding! Within days of implementing Lisa's techniques, she was sleeping 12 hours a night, napping during the day and settling herself.

I want to help other parents because I'm not exaggerating when I say Lisa saved my life. She was there when I was at the end of my tether and didn't just give advice and leave, she was there whenever I had a question. Now I want to give something back šŸ™‚



Emma TbbeI am an art historian and mother to two boys Jacob born in 2011 and Isaac in 2014.

The various early years issues are something I am very familiar with from dealing with babies that won't nap, how they can self settle, bottle battles, weaning and travelling with children. To the toddler years of getting them into a big bed, language, potty training and supporting your child to become more independent. We don't have any family who live near by and as my husband has a long commute I am now adjusting to juggling the demands of two small children on my own a lot of the time. Routine and establishing the feed and sleep pattern has therefore been essential.

Lisa was maternity nurse to both Jacob and Isaac and helped enormously in getting the routine set up and providing advice. I have learnt a huge amount from her and my boys have been Blissful as a result. I want to be able to support others out there who are going through the same things I did and really look forward to the debates we can have on the forum. It's about helping each other and dispelling any myths so we can be relaxed, confident parents and enjoy our children who grow up so quickly.




Rachael TbbeHi everyone. I am a mum of two children, William and Lucy, aged 12 and 8 and have known Lisa for 18 years since we did our NNEB Childcare qualification together at College.

I've worked in Childcare as a Nanny and Nursery nurse since 1998 and currently work full time in a pre-school with children aged 2-4years

I have lots of experience with toddlers from my work in nurseries and I'm looking forward to helping those of you who need it.



Kelly TbbeI'm a mum to three children-an almost 2 yr old boy and one year old Identical twin girls. I want to help other mums as I had some wonderful support from Lisa when my twins were born (I wish I had known of her when my son was born)

I hope to be able to help other parents as we all need support from time to time.



Zoe TbbeHello everyone. I'm a stay and work at home mum of a wonderful one year old called Indie.

I'm not going to even try sugar coating it ... Indie was a testing and fussy newborn - I wasn't prepared for that roller coaster ride... Well that's until I stumbled upon Lisa and with her help Indie truly became a Blissful baby.

Indie and I had problems with routine , sleeping , eating, reflux and colic , but once I understood what to do none of these were actual problems .

Due to my experience and coming " out at the other end" I now offer a lot of mums from my local children's centres help and advice as well as a lot of mums who follow me on twitter ... It really makes me feel happy that my experience can now help and assist other mums going through the same thing xx


Sara TbbeHi, I'm Sara, a 36 year old mum of 21 month old boy/girl twins.As someone who works with children and families, I was told by my health visitor that I didn't need any advice from her as I knew what I was doing with two newborns. How wrong was she! Anyway, we've survived so far.....with a little help from a certain Blissful expert. I've done the nights when you think that you'll never ever get any sleep again and now we're dealing with the onset of the tantrums that seem to go on forever. Babies grow and needs change but the need for help, advice and support is a constant.