Let's end the 'Mummy wars!'
Come on, admit it, at some point you have made a judgement about another mum doing something a certain way and said to yourself 'well I don't agree with that' or 'I wouldn't parent in that way.'
It's human nature and a natural reaction, if only for a brief moment.
When it comes to parenting and being a mum we all have different choices and in my job as a Maternity nurse, helping and advising mums in particular, I see those choices mums have to make every day, and also the reasons behind those choices and that all they are doing is trying to be the best parent they can be, with the environment and fate factors to contend with that can influence their choices.
The formula maker Similac has made another powerful video documentary-it's second this year, featuring Seven mums all trying to make the right decisions for their babies.

The formula feeding mum with twins, the paediatrician with two children under two-constantly questioned if the second one was planned, the single working mother, all talk about their views and judgements about other mums and at the end of the video, all of the mums with such differing opinions are put in a room together
Watching them all chat together most certainly inspire viewers to suspend their judgements as they watch (and quite possibly shed a tear as I did) and embrace every mummy, regardless of her choices.
 The formula maker isn't selling a lifestyle associated with its product, but something far more important for mothers: acceptance.
Similac did a similar advertising campaign in January, when it created a viral satire featuring warring tribes of moms (and dads) at a playground. They are unified in the end by a runaway stroller.
That launched Similac's acceptance and support campaign and its powerful tagline: The Sisterhood of Motherhood.
Regardless of what the product is at the end-this short documentary sends a powerful message that we should all be less judgemental and support one another in our roles as parents.
It is the need for a non judgemental support network that spurred me to help as many parents as I could via email and set up our forum and membership advice service. https://theblissfulbabyexpert.co.uk/membership-options/
Regardless of how our babies are fed or dressed, we all have one thing in common and that is our love for our children and wanting the best for them.
Let's be kind to each other and supportive without judgement
Sisterhood of motherhood.