My Journey

This time two years ago I was considering writing a one stop book to help mums all over the world.

This time one year ago I had finished writing that book and just listed it on Amazon thinking that even if it only helped a handful of people, then the eight months it took me to write it had been worth it.






This time six months ago my book THE BLISSFUL BABY EXPERT was getting amazing feedback and 5* reviews from mums on Amazon, twitter and Facebook.


The next thing an editor from one of the biggest publishing houses in the world-RANDOM HOUSE-emailed me to ask if I would send her a copy.


One month later they offered me the most amazing two-book deal ever-an offer far too good to refuse.

Lisa-Clegg The Blissful Baby Expert




One I still can't believe my luck to have received!


We spent the next three months tweaking and getting THE BLISSFUL BABY EXPERT ready for the official publish date of 6th February 2014


That date felt so far away when we first announced it and now suddenly it is imminent!


Tomorrow that day finally arrives.


Tomorrow I will officially become a 'published author' and all the lovely parents that have Pre-ordered my book will finally get to hold it in their hands!

                                      …..TO THIS!

The Blissful Baby Expert Cover

I hope it lives up to all of your expectations.