On Saturday 23rd September I will be doing the Cancer Research Shine walk Half Marathon and walking 13 Miles along the streets of London on a dedicated route, with my husband, brother in law and sister in law.



CANCER is something that has affected almost every one of us, or our family or close friend at some point in our lives, so continuing to fundraise to help research and look to cure this horrible disease is very important.


In our family alone I have had 2 uncles die from it at 46, my nan, grandad, husbands aunt and his grandad too and even our 10 year old cat-all from various forms of Cancer.

Any money donated by you lovely people will go towards research into CHILDHOOD cancer, as every parent will agree that it would be their worst nightmare to watch their little one go through a disease so horrible.


Anything you can donate, no matter how small would be very gratefully received by me and the charity


The link to my fundraising page is here

Cancer Research UK

Feel free to share if you think any of your friends would also like to donate to raise money for children's cancer research