A childrens book, written in rhyme, looking at Post Natal Depression from a child’s perspective.

First Edition, published on 18th October 2013

Print version: £7.49 (currently £5.99)

ebook: 99p



An important subject, and one that can be tricky to talk about, is Post Natal Depression, which affects between 10% and 15% of new mothers. To highlight this important issue and to facilitate its discussion comes the story ‘A Monster Ate my Mum’ by Jen Faulkner.


As a sufferer of Post-Natal depression herself, Jen knows how debilitating this illness can be and just how much it affects the whole family, especially siblings. Watching her older children see her suffer and finding it hard to find the right words to explain to them what was happening to their mum, Jen took to something she knows well, her love of writing.


She wrote a rhyming story talking about PND, as seen through the eyes of a child, to help her children understand what was happening to her. She hopes to help other families affected by the illness with the book.


The central character, a young boy, goes on a hunt to look for the monsters that have taken different parts of his mum.



He looks for her smile, her laugh, her spark.

“Excuse me but have you eaten my mum?

I want her back I want some fun.

I want to see her smile, my mum.

Is she in your big round tum?”



The boy learns that they didn’t mean to eat his mum and that in time, all of the things they have taken will be returned.

“No she’s not here I just ate her smile.

I’ll give it back after a while.

I’m sorry I was hungry you see.

I don’t know where your mum could be.”
Aimed at children across the age range from 2 right through to 12, the initial response from the first appearance of the story on her bloginstinctivemum.com has been amazing, and included an invitation to read it aloud on BBC Radio Bristol during Dr Phil Hammond’s Saturday Surgery show.


More information can be found on the blog:https://amonsteratemymum.wordpress.com


Currently available through this link:https://www.lulu.com/shop/jen-faulkner/a-monster-ate-my-mum/


Jen Faulkner is available to discuss her PND journey and the story it helped to create.

For further information please contact Jen Faulkner:[email protected] or @MonsterAteMyMum


This book has been written by the author to explain in language a child understands why mummy is feeling sad. For anyone who is suffering or has recently recovered from post natal depression or any other form of depression this is a lovely book to be read to any children affected. It is beautifully illustrated and the wonderful rhyming tone keeps children of all ages engaged.


Even though I personally haven't experienced Post Natal Depression, it was still a lovely book to read to my children.

My 3 year old loves having it read to her over and over and my 8 yr old and 11 year old enjoyed it too and understood the concept of what the books message is. Mummy may be feeling sad but it is not their fault and with love and cuddles she will soon have her smile back again!


I would highly recommend this book. The author Jen Faulkner has kindly offered to give one copy of A monster ate my mum free to one lucky parent.


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