How do I start a post like this and do it justice?
How do I find the right words to help you all understand how essential it is to support such an important cause?

If you are a mother already then I hope that reading just one story of another mother and family affected  by SIDS will be enough to make you want to help...

I began following Jennie ( @edspire) a few days after the tragic death of her beautiful baby Matilda Mae aged 9 months.
Tilda was a true 'blog baby' Jennie began blogging after the birth of her twins Esther and William 3 years ago who were IVF babies born 13 weeks prematurely and spent a long time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU).

She wanted to document and have a written reminder of their journey and anyone who has ever read just one of her posts wants to carry on and read more.

She writes in such an honest, raw, engaging way that you feel like you are on her journey with her.


Matilda Mae was a surprise baby for Jennie and her husband David-conceived naturally despite doctors telling them that would never happen.
Jennie blogged about her pregnancy and the birth of Matilda Mae and family life juggling 3 children under 2 years old.

5 years ago today, on 2nd February  2013 Jennie put baby Tilda to bed as she usually would in the same way that she and millions of other mums around the world do every night.

Tragically, when she went upstairs to give her the usual late feed, she found that her beautiful blog baby was dead-another baby cruelly taken by SIDS.

This is Jennies post written about that night:

Dear Matilda Mae: The night we found you sleeping

SIDS is something that terrifies every parent-the one thing that feels totally out of our control, that we can't protect our children from completely. There are things we can do to reduce the risk-details of which you can find on The Lullaby Trust website.

Since then, Jennie has gone on to have 2 rainbow babies, Bea and Edie Mae, but baby Tilda remains a very big part of their family that they talk about every day with their children.

Despite her constant daily heartache Jennie has made it her mission to work tirelessly with to The lullaby Trust and Bliss to raise awareness of SIDS and already organised many events in memory of Matilda Mae, donating all funds to The Lullaby Trust. To date thousands of pounds have been raised with the help of family and friends and there are still plans to do more.

During the month of February, Jennie will be running a series of giveaways on her Instagram account with various companies supporting her and some fab prizes to give away. This will help the month of February, which is always the worst time for Jennie and her family, be a positive time to remember Matilda Mae and raise awareness of SIDS

More details are here on her website


Please follow her on Instagram @edspire to enter and raise money and awareness

None of us can change what has happened  to Jennies family, but I hope by donating and showing our support it will go a little way to reminding Jennie that we are all behind her 100% and will not forget her baby or any of the others that have died

Every time I blow bubbles with my children my mind wanders to think of Matilda Mae

Everytime I see a pink or purple star I am reminded of her smiling face on Jennies blog

Whenever I light I candle I think back to the candles I lit on the day of her funeral, her 1st birthday and the night Jennie and David sent her ashes out to sea, as well as the anniversaries since then

Tilda’s Ashes at Coombe Mill

I for one will NEVER forget Matilda Mae's name or beautiful little face.

R.I.P sweet angel

Please support and help baby Tilda's legacy live on