Stylfile nipper clipper review


Stylfile Nipper Clippers ReviewIf you are an Apprentice fan and enjoy watching the BBC1 programme where Sir Alan Sugar chooses his next apprentice then you may remember Tom Pellereau or 'Tom the inventor' as he is better known, winning it in 2011

Since then, one of the products he has launched is the Stylfile nipper clipper and file.

I was sent two of these-one to review and one to offer as part of a competition to my followers (see below).


With three children myself and working as a nanny for years and now a Maternity Nurse with small babies, I can safely say I have tried every pair of nail clippers and scissors going. Most have been very unsuccessful, with one particular memory of my firstborn 12 years ago bleeding as the clippers I tried to use, nicked his skin-I still feel bad about that now!

Since then I have always advised the mums I work with on a daily basis to either bite their newborn babies nails when they get sharp or use the TT baby nail clippers, as they have been the safest scissors I have found useful up to now.


Stylfile Nipper Clippers Review Stylfile Nipper Clippers Review


When I was given these clippers to use and review, I happened to be working with a mum who had a 6 week old baby and also a 22month toddler, so I asked her to try the clippers with both boys and give me her feedback.

She was amazed and said they were so easy to use with both the baby and toddler. There is a special spy hole as you clip so that you can see the babies nail as you cut and the blade is made to cut the nail from one side to the other-rather than just cutting in a straight line all in one cut.

The curved S-file that is also included can then be used to gently file the nails smooth after clipping


There is even an App that you can download from the App Store called Timmy Tickle baby that your older baby or toddler can watch and be distracted towards as you clip and file their nails.

Since then lots of other mums I know have tried these clippers and also found them very useful in trimming their newborns nails.


Our verdict is that we highly recommend the Stylfile and we have one set to offer in a competition to one lucky follower.

All you need to do is share this post and comment below and a winner will be picked at Random on Sunday 11th January 2015


You can follow Tom on Twitter @inventor_tom or @stylfile

More information about the Stylfile products can be found here