This time last year...

I had only just joined Twitter. As I fumbled my way around trying to figure out how it all worked I noticed a lot of people were tweeting about something called The MADS or The MAD blog awards.

MAD Blog Awards

They are a way of celebrating and rewarding all of the fantastic blogs that you and I read every day on twitter-from ones that make us laugh to others that provide useful tips in our everyday activities or lives.

Each spring, blog readers (you, yes you), are invited to share with the organisers of the MAD blog awards your favourite blogs in an open nomination.

Thousands of blogs are nominated but just five blogs in each category are short listed and make it through to the final where they will attend a Gala awards ceremony in London in September 2014 where the winners in each category are announced!

The categories available to choose from are:

  • 2014 Best baby blog
  • 2014 Best blog photography
  • 2014 Best blog writer
  • 2014 Best craft blog
  • 2014 Best family travel blog
  • 2014 Best new blog
  • 2014 Best homes and interiors blog
  • 2014 Best food blog
  • 2014 Best MAD blog for family fun
  • 2014 Best pregnancy blog
  • 2014 Best schooldays blog
  • 2014 Best thrifty blog
  • 2014 MAD blog of the year
  • 2014 Most entertaining blog
  • 2014 Most innovative blog
  • 2014 Outstanding contribution

Having seen lots of my other followers or people I'm following get nominated this year I decided I would like to be part of this massive twitter annual event.

As you all know thanks to Gareth at YorkshireDesigns my website has recently been revamped and I have only started writing regular blog posts since January.

I don't have as much time as some bloggers to dedicate to it-3 children, working full time nights and answering 250+ parenting emails per week and a deadline for my next book stop that!

However I hope that the posts that you do read are informative, interesting and helpful to you.

Out of all the above categories I think the only one I would be eligible to be nominated for is 2014 Best new blog

If you think I am worthy of being nominated for this I would be grateful if you could take 5 minutes to vote for me please here. Of course I don't expect to win or even get short listed but to even get one or two nominations would mean so much, as I know that all you lovely people are enjoying what you read on my blog!


MAD Blog Awards
Thanks in advance to those of you who vote and if you could like and share this post too I will love you even more!
P.s. You have to nominate "Blog of the Year" before you can vote for any other categories, so feel free to put my name here too if you think I deserve it (or can't think of anyone else to put in this section-any vote counts!)