I am very excited to announce that I have agreed to be an Ambassador for MAMA Academy.


MAMA Academy Ambassador

They are a registered charity working alongside The Royal College of Midwives and the aim of MAMA Academy is to equip all expectant mums and healthcare professionals with vital knowledge and education to give every baby the best chance of arriving safely and healthily. They aim to help mums have healthy pregnancies and support midwives, to aid consistency of maternity care right across the UK

All information on their website for mums has been written by their team of medical health professionals and the midwife information has RCM accreditation.


Their team consists of various mums and healthcare professionals whose passion is to educate and help see the numbers of baby loss decline.


MAMA academy's aim is to reduce the numbers of stillborn babies in the UK by:

*Raising awareness of baby loss.

*Educating expectant mums on health in pregnancy, complications and how to reduce the risks of still birth

*Assist healthcare professionals by keeping them up to date with their latest practices, guidelines and research to provide consistent maternity care.


Working as a Maternity nurse and alongside parents in my job and also being a mother of three myself, means that I am very aware of infant loss and the affect it has on families. I know more parents than I would like to, that have experienced some kind of infant loss and anything I can do to raise awareness of it and the info I share maybe helping to save just one baby, will mean I've made a difference, by supporting the charity.


You can contact them via the website link above and also via email [email protected] or call 07917 162 306


If you would like to support MAMA Academy then donations can be made via their website or if you would like to organise a fundraising event then please contact them directly.


MAMA Academy Ambassador



This week 9-15th October is Baby Loss Awareness week. Please support and share the posts you see on facebook and twitter to raise awareness and send a little love to the parents affected by baby loss.


baby loss awareness week