Gro-Hush Review and Competition!


Gro-Hush review

Working as a Maternity nurse with newborn babies, I am a big fan of white noise in calming and using to help send the babies I look after, off to sleep.

I recommend white noise as a good sleep cue to parents who contact me via our forum and also highly recommend it in my book, The Blissful Baby Expert.


So when The Gro Company contacted me and asked if I would like to review their new product, the Gro-hush, which is a portable white noise calming device, I was thrilled.

I am currently working with newborn twins, who I will be with until Christmas, and The Gro company very kindly offered to send 2 of the Gro-hush-one for each twin.


The gro hush transmits soothing white noise to your baby to calm and relax them after feeding and help them fall asleep.

There are three soothing white noise sounds to choose from:

*Rain on a tin roof (sounds strange but actually sounds lovely)

*Ocean waves


And they are all set at a safe volume.

Gro-Hush (4)


My husband very kindly put the batteries in for me before I left for work one evening, (requires 3x AAA-not included, and a Phillips screwdriver to fit) and I practically had to wrestle it off him,  as he sat holding it close to his ear, testing the white noise sounds out and telling me he needed one!

Gro-Hush (3)

(Guess I know what to buy him for Christmas now!)

I took the Gro hush to work and was met with 2 unsettled babies, so I was able to test it out straight away! The twin girls I'm working with are already used to white noise as I have been using an app on my phone for the last couple of weeks, so I was hopeful they would respond well.

They didn't let me down and with one over each shoulder, I switched the gro hush on to the heartbeat sound and they both calmed down and fell straight to sleep.

Gro Hush Review



(I’m taking the photo as I hold them both and you can see the Gro-Hush between the two babies)

Since then, we have continued to use the gro hush in the cot if they are unsettled.


Gro-Hush (2)


Sometimes all I need to do is switch it on as they are stirring and they immediately resettle.

Having 2 means if one twin wakes and begins crying, I pick her up and use one gro hush to settle her and also switch the other one on in the cot to keep the second twin calm and quiet to stop her waking up with any noise her sister may be waking!

Overall it's a resounding thumbs up and the twins, their parents and I all highly recommend the new Gro Hush

If you would like more details then click on the link to The Gro Company website

They have also offered to provide anther Gro Hush for me to offer as a competition prize to one of my lucky followers.

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