Review of the Gro snug

Grow Snug Baby

I was offered the chance to review the new Gro snug which is the newest product that The Gro Company have come up with to help parents and babies get more sleep.


I had a new baby due in July that I would be working with from newborn so decided that she would be the perfect little one to test it out...

The Gro-snug is a revolutionary new 2 in 1 swaddle and newborn Gro bag

It literally grows and can be adapted with your baby once they are ready to progress from being fully swaddled, to having their arms out.
There are poppers (press studs) that keep the arms in so it can be used as a swaddle, giving her the security of being cuddled without her newborn startle reflex waking her up, but with still enough movement for your little one to move their arms around inside the swaddle.

Once you feel she is ready to progress to having her arms out of the swaddle you can make it a gradual transition by doing one arm at a time, simply by opening one set of press-studs on one side and allowing her arm to be free


Baby in Gro Snug

If she's happy like that you can then progress to both arms being out and the swaddle now being a Gro bag

The Gro snug comes in 3 colour options-pure white, Grey marl or Rainbow spot and one size that fits newborns from 5-12lbs in weight.

We started using the Gro snug when Emily was 2 weeks old and beginning to startle herself awake frequently during day naps and at night

The first time we put it on her both her mum and I noticed her visibly relax straight away and she slept for much longer stretches thereafter


A second Gro snug has already been purchased for when the first one needs to be washed!




We have one newborn winter tog 2.5 Gro snug to give away in a competition for our followers.


Please comment below if you would like to enter and a winner will be picked at random and announced after the 25th October.