Forum upgrades and new membership options

This blog post is to explain the changes to the current free email advice service and how to join our new forum and membership scheme


The Free advice email service that I currently run on my own is currently CLOSED COMPLETELY to any new email /message received until the new membership system is live.

Parents who email me to the usual address will receive an automated response to explain this and point them towards the new forum and membership.

I am no longer available to answer any parenting emails or messages at all directly, as this will be a part of the new forum.


My Website manager Gareth and one of my BBE Admin mums, Rachael, will run the website and my Facebook page and divert everyone to the new forum to register.


The new membership and forum will launch officially on Monday 13th April 2015


It will be set out as follows:


The forum will be accessed via an app called Tapatalk which you can download here.


There will still be a COMPLETELY FREE section of the Website where you will be able to read FAQ with links to blog posts and sections of my two books-The Blissful Baby Expert and The Blissful Toddler Expert


You can also read previous forum posts leading up to the new forum opening.

From the Tapatalk app you can join and sign in to our Website and like or comment on posts as and when you want to and interact with admin mums to ask for help, or just chat to other parents.


This interaction is available if you become a member in any of the Bronze, Silver or Gold membership packages.


Eventually we hope to develop our own personal Blissful Baby App but as we are conscious of costs, initially Gareth and I have agreed that the Tapatalk app is the best way to access the forum without a huge financial outlay for me personally.


If the new system is popular then I will give the go ahead to Gareth to develop our own personal App which will have added features that we have already made plans for.


Membership will be set out as follows;

Yearly fees payable by PayPal or card payment



Opens up 1 section of the members forum-Blissful baby admins will answer queries plus other parent members who have paid the £25 yearly fee can also give advice and share their experiences



Opens up another section of the forum. Lisa will answer plus admins can answer too in support

Suggestion of basic plan via email if required. Ongoing Forum support and questions answered within 48 hours max



Questions only answered by Lisa within 48 hours to and from a new dedicated membership email address and plan and routine sent.

Phone support offered if needed 5 times in the first 3 month period-by appointment only.


Bronze or silver membership can be upgraded by paying the difference within the first month after joining the forum.


Membership can be renewed yearly if still required


I have initially chosen 10 Mums who have volunteered to help me with the admin and forum questions on a daily basis-they all have various reasons for wanting to help and they and I, feel they have the knowledge to be able to give good advice when needed.


With the help of my amazing Blissful baby Admin mummies we want to arm you with information and tools to turn you all into experts in understanding your individual baby's needs and to learn to trust your instinct in how to respond and help you baby develop and thrive.

Our forum will have a little community of parents to support you and give advice along the way when needed as we all work towards having Blissful Babies and Blissful Toddlers (most of the time)!


We hope you will all be happy with the changes and that it will be a positive way for us to continue to help as many parents as possible.


Thanks as always for your continued support.


If you would like to register for the new forum or join the membership to launch Monday 13th April then please do so here, we will let you know as soon as it is live.


Let me know when the new forum is live


We are sure that this system will allow us to help many more mums, Please like and share this post and look forward to seeing you inside!