Lisa Clegg Sky InterviewYesterday (Friday 29th January) a new report was released suggesting that a new study has found that around 800,000 deaths worldwide could be avoided each year if more women breastfed. It also suggested near-universal breastfeeding could prevent an extra 20,000 women dying from breast cancer. See the report and my interview on sky news...

See my interview on Sky here;

The research, published in the Lancet medical journal, outlines the benefits of breastfeeding not only children, but also their mothers. For example, it found it can increase a child's life expectancy and reduce their chances of developing diabetes and obesity. For mothers, breastfeeding is said to better protect against ovarian and breast cancer.
As a Maternity nurse, mother and author of a baby book that's helping lots of parents worldwide, I was asked to give my opinion on this new report. Knowing how many mothers contact me every week for advice from our forum and membership service, I know that support is severely lacking post-natally to enable mothers to continue to breastfeed for as long as they would like to.
A study like this just adds more pressure and what mums need is more support after the birth of their baby to help them if they encounter problems with breastfeeding and need help to overcome them.
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