An update from the Blissful baby Expert.


A few weeks back I posted on this Facebook page asking YOU all for advice on how to manage the volume of emails and messages I receive from parents on a daily basis.

The amount I receive has been gradually increasing over the last 2 years and over Christmas and New Year the daily messages almost doubled and have continued to be extremely busy ever since then.

Unfortunately there is only one of me and thousands of parents who need help and with the release of TBTE imminent on April 16th, I know the volume of emails is only likely to increase further and I've had to finally admit to myself that I cannot keep up with it anymore, all on my own.

I was overwhelmed by the support and advice you all offered on my Facebook page and in response to a newsletter I sent out to you all.

Using the suggestions you all sent to me or posted on Facebook, we have come up with a new forum idea and membership plan that we hope will benefit you all and make my workload a little easier to keep up with.

I have initially chosen 8 Mums who have volunteered to help me with the admin and forum questions on a daily basis-they all have various reasons for wanting to help and they and I, feel they have the knowledge to be able to give good advice when needed.

With the help of my amazing Blissful baby Admin mummies we want to arm you with information and tools to turn you all into experts in understanding your individual baby's needs and to learn to trust your instinct in how to respond and help your baby develop and thrive.

Our forum will have a little community of parents to support you and give advice along the way when needed as we all work towards having Blissful Babies and Blissful Toddlers (most of the time)!

Details on the profiles of the Admin mums will follow in the next week and also dates of the changeover and how you can join the new forum and membership.

We hope you will all be happy with the changes and that it will be a positive way for us to continue to help as many parents as possible.


Thanks as always for your continued support.