Tomorrow, after a year long wait, my second book The Blissful Toddler Expert will be published.
I have all sorts of feelings right now..
EXCITED that the day is finally here.
PROUD that after working so hard to get it ready for the last 18 months, the day of publication had finally arrived.
NERVOUS at what you will all think of it.
The support you have all given me and the reviews and feedback you have written on Amazon for my first book The Blissful Baby Expert has been overwhelming.
I'm so happy that TBBE has helped so many of you and I really hope you all find the Toddler book a valuable resource too.
I am looking forward to reading the reviews you leave once you have read it.
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Download the Tapatalk app from the App Store and you will see how easy the forum and blog is to read from that app
Thanks as always for your continued support