Megablocks Review

Hi Everyone this is my first review so hope you enjoy it, I look forward to finding out what you think about these too. Feel free to comment below.

This is NOT a sponsored post. We were sent a free sample of the Build bag of MegaBloks to review.

What you are about to read is completely unbiased and is an honest review of a product my children tried out!

My youngest child is now three years old. She loves to engage in activities where she can use her imagination and create things. She loves me to sit down and play with her and chat with her about what we are doing, as most toddlers do.

She was very excited to receive the parcel containing the Mega bloks

There are three different colours to choose from and the links are as follows…

What with her being a real fan of the colour pink her choice was easy!

Megabloks Review

She was very excited to get going and start playing. It was very easy for her to open the bag and the carry handle on the top means its easy to transport if you want to take out with you to a friend or relatives house. The bag is very lightweight and she was able to carry it easily without help.

We started off by building towers and various animals she insisted I try to create!

She wasn't that impressed with the cow I was instructed to build and told me it didn't look like a cow! Creativity is not my strong point I must admit!

Megabloks Review

We talked about the sizes, colours and shapes and her physical skills were used as she balanced them in tall towers and put different bloks together

We then moved on to grouping the colours which she loved.

Megabloks Review

My 8 year old came downstairs as we were building and he spent the next 10 minutes playing with her and building different things.

Megabloks Review

All in all everyone was very impressed with them, as a basic first set of bricks and not only are they good for toddlers I would also recommend that the MegaBloks are a good purchase when your baby is just learning to chew and explore too,  as it will be a toy that grows with her and can be used to aid various areas of her development as she moves into the toddler years!